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Hundreds of hospitals use OpenMarkets to buy over 20,000 healthcare equipment products from over 2,000 suppliers.

These are the most recent equipment requests.

Sonographer Chair | State: TX | Qty: 2
Hospital Bed | State: TX | Qty: 30
Video Laryngoscope | State: NJ | Qty: 1
Dental Drill | State: WY | Qty: 1
Human Care Lexa Pro Patient Lift | State : CA | Qty: 1
Endoscope | State: KY | Qty: 2
Centrifuge | State: NY |Qty: 1
Urine Analyzer | State: TX | Qty: 2
Scotsman Ice Machine | State: CA | Qty: 1
LED Light Source | State: TN | Qty: 1
Surgical Helmet | State: WY | Qty: 1
C-Arm | State: DC | Qty: 3
Philips iU22 Ultrasound | State: DC | Qty: 2
LG LV340H Commercial TV| State: TX | Qty: 6
Liposuction Instrument | State: MN | Qty: 1
STERIS Corporation AMSCO Sterilizer 3013 | State: OH | Qty: 1
Fetal Doppler System | State: TX | Qty: 2
Esophageal Manometry Catheters | State: WA | Qty: 2
Infusion Pump | State: CA | Qty: 10
Injection System | State: TX | Qty: 1
Panasonic Remote Head Camera System | State: UT | Qty: 1
Philips Healthcare Avalon FM50 | State: AR | Qty: 4
Insufflator | State: LA | Qty: 1
Warming Cabinet | State: CA | Qty: 1
Blanket Warmer | State: TX | Qty: 1
Utility Waste Truck | State: IN| Qty: 1

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