T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer

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T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer

The T4r provides a smooth and natural motion that delivers a low impact, inclusive, total-body cardiovascular and strengthening workout for virtually all users.

Manufacturer: NuStep
Rehabilitation (Elliptical)
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Full Product Description

• Smooth, natural movement that mimics walking

• Ergonomically designed to optimize muscle movement and be easy on the joints

• Ability to exercise only the arms or legs

• Adjustable arm and seat positions

• 360-degree swivel seat, for easy access from wheelchairs

• Stable, supportive foot pedals

• StrideLock for locking arm handles and leg pedals when getting on and off

• Easy-to-read, easy-to-use display panel

• 17-inch wide seat

• Supports users up to 400 lbs