Skytron 6702 HERCULES

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Skytron 6702 HERCULES

6702 HERCULES SURGICAL TABLE WITH 210° TOP ROTATION The 6702 Hercules surgical table provides up to 210° top rotation, allowing you to easily maneuver your patient according to imaging requirements, anesthesia access and positioning preferences. This rotation eliminates the need to reverse the patient on the table, thereby improving patient and staff safety in the OR. Unlike other rotation tables available in today’s market, the 6702’s surface turns independently of the table base, giving you maximum foot room and imaging access. The impressive 1,200 lb lift capacity makes the 6702 an ideal solution for bariatric cases.


• 210° top rotation 1,200 lb lift and 1,000 lb articulation weight capacity Removable back and leg sections simplify accessory setup Power beach chair positioner allows for automatic

• One-touch setup of shoulder procedures Table height adjustable from 23-5/8” to 41-1/2” Low table height allows surgical team to comfortably operate at waist height on bariatric patients Slim-profile based will not conflict with imaging equipment 30° lateral tilt

• Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg Pendant control is durable and features an inexpensive rebuild program that eliminates the need for costly replacement

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