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Given the current trend of increasingly limited payments, growing competition, and sparse resources, supply chain leaders face the difficult task of allocating available capital that best supports their strategic objectives. Request a demo and discuss ways to improve the capital equipment process.

Learn more about:
1. How are GPOs utilized across the U.S. as it relates to capital equipment pricing?

2. What does a best practice capital equipment process look like for supply chain, and how does your hospital/system compare?

3. Is your capital process sustainable given current market status/regulation?

4. A live look at the brand new OpenMarkets Optimizer, the interactive vehicle helping you get to a fair price for healthcare equipment 10x faster.

“OpenMarkets handles equipment requests, quotes and approval workflow. Communication has improved, allowing us to lower the cost of equipment we need to meet our patient care and financial goals.”

– Brent Beaulieu Vice President, Finance at Baptist Health

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Learn How To Improve Your Healthcare Supply Chain’s Capital Equipment Procurement Process

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