Negotiating Freight for Capital Equipment Purchases

Held on Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Freight can account for up to 4% of the average cost for any capital equipment purchase. Across the $30BN spent by US providers on medical equipment each year, this means we’re spending $1.44BN each year to ship MRIs, ultrasounds and stretchers from suppliers to providers. Is there a better way for us to be doing this?

In this next installment of the OpenMarkets education series, we’ll be joined by Matt Wood of Supply Chain Solutions developed by Mayo Clinic (SCS). Matt and his team are taking a new and innovative approach to freight and logistics, and we’ll dive into some eye-opening trends and statistics on equipment shipping. Attendees will hear how SCS clients and the Mayo Clinic approach freight cost relating to capital purchases, and will learn about strategies to ensure they are in a position to minimize shipping costs.

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