Understanding the Ultrasound Market

Konica Minolta

Held on Thursday, January 26th, 2018

Ready to approach ultrasound procurement the right way? Join OpenMarkets for an educational roundtable featuring Philips, Mindray and Konica Minolta this Thursday, 1/25 at 12 noon EST and become eligible for 5 free data-driven negotiation projects started on the OpenMarkets ExchangeTM. That’s right, we’ll help you not only understand the ultrasound market but also find the best value for your capital dollars.

Ultrasounds are the second most commonly purchased product on the OpenMarkets ExchangeTM. This fact has given us a tremendous amount of insight into purchasing trends, Marketshare and suppliers.

If you’re buying or even evaluating ultrasounds this year, join experts from Philips, Mindray & Konica Minolta in a roundtable discussion. We’ll cover:

  • Working with key stakeholders

  • Marketshare & the competitive

  • Ultrasound purchasing trends

Your organization will buy ultrasounds in 2018. Join this session to be sure you approach this the right way!

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