Berchtold LED F Generation Surgical Lights

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Berchtold LED F Generation Surgical Lights

By combining proven reflector technology with the latest breakthroughs in LED technology, Berchtold Chromophare F Gen lights enhance the OR experience like never before. The Precision Beam Technology™ focuses 650 beams of overlapping light into one homogenous column, creating ideal depth of field and superior shadow prevention. The light head boasts four color temperature settings and a full 360º of rotation, giving surgical teams an unprecedented level of control at every step.

Manufacturer: Stryker
Light (Surgical)
Catalog Number:
F 528, F 628

Full Product Description

• By using a reflector to multiply the light beams and shape the light beam into a concise rectangle, the F Gen creates a light source with exceptional shadow control

• The color is adjustable from 3500K to 5000K to support unique procedural requirements and to accommodate surgeon preference

• The LEDs are directed at an inverted reflector which has been precisely calculated and manufactured to produce 650 overlapping beams of light as compared to traditional LEDs, which can provide only 80 to 100 individual beams

• With an estimated lifespan of 40,000 hours for the 104 LEDs and upgradeable design of the suspension system, the Berchtold LED

• F Gen is designed to minimize maintenance and offer easy upgrades in the future