RSNA Preview: Radiology & Supply Chain
Working Together


Todd Stanley
Administrative Director of Imaging
IU Health

Held on Wednesday, November 15th

Over 50,000 radiologist, administrators and imaging suppliers will descend on Chicago this November for the Radiological Society of North America Annual Conference. This massive professional education and trade show is where suppliers launch new products and healthcare professionals learn about new innovations in treatment and equipment.

For supply chain professionals, RSNA presents an opportunity to work closer with your radiology teams. Whether you’re joining your team at the conference or not, Supply Chain can proactively work with those who are attending to make sure they maximize their time and work collaboratively when they return.

In this session, we’ll be joined by Todd Stanley and Shirley Taylor of Philips Healthcare to cover:

  • What’s hot at RSNA 2017

  • Top educational sessions

  • Tips for Supply Chain attendees

  • Pre & Post Show Checklist for Supply Chain leaders to share with attendees

With proper planning, you can make sure your imaging team not only has a great show but that they work in collaboration with supply chain teams when they return!


Understanding the Ultrasound Market

MarketShare wheel

Tom Derrick
Co-founder, SVP, Marketing

Thursday, January 11th at 12 noon EST

There are 245 different ultrasounds on the market today. Join this session as we:

  • Break down the market with propriety OpenMarkets data

  • Identify value analysis strategies

  • Weigh the pros & cons of standardization

Your organization will buy ultrasounds in 2018. Join this session to be sure you approach this the right way!

OpenMarkets is dedicated to educating healthcare supply chain executives on how new processes and intelligence can be utilized to save valuable time, better collaborate with suppliers and maximize their capital budget.

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