Why CHRISTUS Preaches Transparency in their Capital Program

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Sean Poellnitz
Director of Contracting & Resource Utilization at CHRISTUS Health

Held on Wednesday, March 22nd

CHRISTUS Health does something unique from nearly every other large IDN: they publish their capital budget to suppliers.

This step towards transparency manifests itself in a series of Capital Town Hall meetings, where Sean Poellnitz, Director of Contracting & Resource Utilization, leads an audience of suppliers through details on the capital strategy, budget and decision making process. These meetings take a deep dive into the current state of the capital program, review new policies that influence the capital process and planning. In this session, Sean breaks down not only why they approach capital from a position of supplier transparency, but what benefits are accrued to both CHRISTUS and their supplier partners.


Collaborating on the OpenMarkets Exchange


Panel of Providers and Suppliers
Moderated by Tom Derrick, SVP, OpenMarkets

Thursday, April 20th at 12pm EST

The OpenMarkets Exchange is a new platform that allows providers and suppliers to instantly communicate and transact, with all of the conversations, files, and data stored in a centralized place. The beta software was launched in January to introduce the initial features of the Exchange to a group of innovative supply chain executives and have them create real requests and facilitate purchases with active suppliers. In addition to their feedback on the software, we gained invaluable feedback on the experience. This session brings together a panel of both provider and supplier users to discuss the OpenMarkets Exchange and how it has changed the way they buy and sell healthcare equipment. Attendees will gain insight into how novel software can improve the relationship between providers and suppliers and ultimately increase efficiency and drive down the cost of equipment.

OpenMarkets is dedicated to educating healthcare supply chain executives on how new processes and intelligence can be utilized to save valuable time, better collaborate with suppliers and maximize their capital budget.

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